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CUHEALTH is an e-Health interactive platform of the Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria. We hope to uniquely engage the public, health professionals and health care providers on key health issues globally and within the African region.

We have innovatively developed an online forum to provide current health news from the World Health Organization, healthcare solutions, health promotion options, emergency services through our partners, live consultations and chats with verified medical practitioners, and online directory of registered health centres.

Our free online course on Public Health and Informatics will further help advance the knowledge of the public on spectrum of public health issues, geared towards improving information flow and patient outcomes. Our research repository and blog offer evidence-based findings on several health issues that can inform equitable public health and policy decisions. We are committed to improving health systems and health service delivery.

Welcome to the pioneer interactive hub on healthcare in Africa.

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  • ZIKA VIRUS: yet another global health concern
  • LASSA FEVER: What we need to know

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